A million different truths

by Hussy Hicks



released August 22, 2013

Produced by Hussy Hicks and Ando Van Andony
Recorded at Recording Oasis, Tallebudgera Valley QLD
Engineered by Jake Walsh
Mixed by Ando Van Andony at Medici Studios
Mastered by Mazen Murad at Metropolis Studios UK
All songs written by Hussy Hicks except ‘Don’t talk to me’ by Julz Parker/Joe Parker/Hamish Robertson
Hussy Hicks play Maton Guitars and use Esseti picks and SR Technologies live audio
Tracy Stephens plays Manne Basses
Boris is a Woodskin Cajon



all rights reserved


Hussy Hicks Australia


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Track Name: Good things take time
Good Things Take Time

Last time I was here I was only passing by

Heading for the bus station and far too poor to fly

Oh but I, somehow I always survive

Counting out my currency the road it takes its toll

But in the situation inspiration fills my soul and I’m alive

And somehow I’ve survived

But I’ll be happy to take my place in line

I know good things take time, and I’ll be fine

We’re all yearning to be satisfied

But I’ll just take this ride, oh and I

I know that I’ll survive

The minutes and the hours make the days and weeks go by

Another destination and another situation and another inspiration oh and I

I no longer have to wonder where or why

As the faces in the clouds give me a smile

Last time I was here I was only passing by

This time I might stay around or maybe I might fly…
Track Name: A million different truths
A Million different

What do you envisage, tell me what you see

Some say you stole an apple some say you grew a tree

Millions of creations in the blink of a million eyes

Endless destinations tell me which one will you try

Can you hold your focus till the butterfly gets its wings

Can you listen til it sings

With all these whimsical wonderings so many stones unturned

We’ve all followed the yellow brick road

What have we learned?

A million expectations if I only had a what

Tap upon your ruby reds what have you got

She juggled round in circles til she found her arc

I have no enemies just some contrary ideas

I can dance forever it’s the only way I steer

I have no solutions only questions and hope

So please don’t feed the pessimist… they don’t need the rope

A million different truths a million different lies

A million explanations from a million different eyes
Track Name: My Fault
My Fault

From your side I can almost see how you feel

I’m to blame for all this mess

And from your side anger has become a flame

Burning on your past regrets

But something’s a little confusing to me

And something’s a little strange

Something’s been making me question you

And how much you seem to have changed

And I really wanted to put my belief in you

But you’ve turned around now and put words in my mouth

I never intended to take it away from you

But you put the blame on me and I simply fail to see how

This is my fault now, this is my fault now

From my side I have been victimised

You’ve been creating lies

So won’t you tell me why I should apologise…

Because I have been trying to not think the worst of you

But your reality is so far removed from me

And you seem determined to make it me against you

So now I’m the enemy yet still I fail to see how

This is my fault now…
Track Name: Don't talk to me
Don’t talk to me

How much longer will we silently wander

How much longer till it all goes under

How much longer will it take till we see

How much longer till we choke on the stories that they feed

To me no don’t talk to me

The day to day hypocrisy

Talk to me no don’t talk to me but

God forbid we’d end this movie

How much longer can they keep this cover

And how much longer till we need another war

How much harder is it not to believe

How much anger do you suffer

When between the lines you read

Fairytales and nursery rhymes

Heroic versions of horrific crimes

A celebration for all to see

How could this possible be?

All lunatics in the making that’s the story that we hear

But the cut and paste collection is there

To orchestrate our fear

Because we’re running out of pages

Running out of ink

But it doesn’t matter now if we’ve forgotten how to think

Another childless mother

Another broken shelter

But still more ignorant anger

Does anybody wonder?
Track Name: This time
This time

Making up excuses for the things that I’ve been doing

The choices I have made the broken plans that you had made

But time is coming round one again

And I’m hoping that time will be our friend

But I’m a little bit nervous and I’m a little twice shy

See you’ve got your expectations and then so do i

But I feel, I feel

Like this time will be better than the last time

I saw you

The fears and the frustrations and the lost communications

When I would not make a stand

And you could not understand

And the thoughts are spinning round and round my head

But I’ve learned some thoughts are better left unsaid

I saw you for who you are and who you wanted me to be

And I’m still a little scarred by the words you said to me

But its okay, it’s all going to be okay
Track Name: Confusion

Sample second sound solution

Mix it in with noise pollution

Righteousness reveals in God we trust

And not in evolution

Confusion, confusion reality releases me, confusion

Inner conflict - make amends

For our freedom we defend

Power passion plays a part

As rules and regulations bend

So we choose normality

Or opt for controversy

Indecision, delusion

Either lead to lunacy

And if we celebrate our faults and make our resolution

To make it free emotionally and so then we can move on

It is our right to be happy and that is my solution
Track Name: Six bar jail
Six Bar Jail

Though I might not stand beside you you’re gonna know where I stand

If I’m reaching out to touch you, you can safely take my hand

Of all the things that I could say to you I’d say them to your face

But you think you’ve got me in my place

Stacking up delusions will they ever tumble down

Clinging to the anger of the whisper of a truth unfound

So I’m sleeping somewhere silently

Someone’s slinging mud again

Never even opened my mouth to say a word about it all

Before I’m asked to leave again

Well you can wallow in your squalor just to throw it all my way

But I’m sure we can find a better place to play

Staking up defences one bullet at a time

Looking for distractions from those actions that were never mine

They were yours not mine

I’ll be heading for the six bar jail but who’s doing time?
Track Name: Lonely

You are not with me I’m not used to being alone

We’re in different beds, hemispheres and time zones

I read my daily stars and I read yours to see just how you are

When you’re not with me tell me do you feel this lonely

16 times today I looked at the screen on my phone

Hoping you would say how poorly you were coping on your own

But someday soon we’ll be sipping cold sangrias by the sea

We’ll no longer need to feel this lonely

What a thing to do to try to get to know myself without you

What a thing to do when still my every thought is about you

And how you’re not with me but I know that soon we will be

Making cups of tea and laughing how we need each other desperately

And how we’ll never feel completely whole without the other here

So don’t ever leave and never will we be lonely
Track Name: Millisecond

Music for the millisecond movement for the now

So much easier once we stop trying to work it out

Madness in their method they were graceful with their step

So feast not famine Friday seems to be the very best plan yet

It’s a little bit crazy there it’s a little bit fun it’s a fun affair

I’d like to go I would like to take you there

And there’s no sense and there’s no rhyme

And there’s never a problem with what is the time

What is the time

Fear is not an option if you wanna find release

You take some tumbles but you’ll be living peace

Stop panic attack are we following the track

One step forward two steps back as we walk the line

And it doesn’t matter and I don’t mind

It’s not like we’ve had the truth defined

Not like we’ve had the truth to find

But fear is not an option as we tumble towards release

You roll and stumble but you’ll be living peace
Track Name: Secrets

Left for dead on the windward side

This punishment don’t suit the crime

Stories buried for way too long still we carry on

And I could’ve frozen a thousand times sometimes I even tried

Safety in solitude throw away the key til you sang to me

Sleep well tonight

Soon I’ll be there tonight

You come to me in my dreams tell secrets to me

And I know I’m alive

Tried not to picture the danger below

I was convinced I couldn’t let go

Lives tossed aside and left for dead

Pictures in my head

I’ll turn to melody and I’ll turn to god and I’ll turn to anything to turn the day off

I find beauty in the smallest of things and sometimes the cold wind sings
Track Name: You are
You are

You, you are my golden sun

You shine til the day is done

I will bask forever more

In you baby, it is you I adore

You, you are my summer rain

You bring moisture to the cane

I will soak it up forever more

Ooh Ooh baby it is you I adore

You, you are my big ole moon

You shine down on me when I’m swimming nude

I will skinny dip forever more

With you baby it is you I adore